Common Spinal Disorders: What is appropriate treatment?

Common Spinal Disorders: What is appropriate treatment?

This video features a panel discussion with orthopedic surgeon Christopher M. Bono, MD, Chief Comprehensive Spine Center, neurosurgeon Michael W. Groff, MD, Director Spinal Neurosurgery, neurosurgeon John H. Chi, MD, MPH, anesthesiologist David R. Janfaza, MD and physiatrist Zacharia Isaac, MD, Medical Director, Comprehensive Spine Center.  Targeted at assisting first-line treaters of spinal disorders, the panel discusses ways to improve diagnostic and patient referral processes based on best practice algorithms, to determining when and if a patient should be referred for further evaluation or treatment. The panel will address four common degenerative spinal disorders: radiculopathy from cervical disc herniations; myelopathy from cervical stenosis; low back pain from disc degeneration; and lower extremity symptoms from lumbar stenosis. 


Christopher M. Bono, MDChristopher M. Bono, MD

Zacharia Isaac, MDZacharia Isaac, MD

Michael W. Groff, MDMichael W. Groff, MD

John H. Chi, MD, MPHJohn H. Chi, MD, MPH

David R. Janfaza, MDDavid R. Janfaza, MD

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